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I first wrote about this site in 2011. It’s definitely time for an update, as this is is one of my favorite portal search strategies. When you search, results are delivered ranked by cost, including shipping and sales tax. can also find the best prices for new books, out-of-print books, ebooks, magazines, and DVDs. Genealogists on the hunt for privately printed family titles and other scarce titles will be pleasantly surprised at the results delivers. Plus, you can nearly always save some money by checking here before buying a new title. Could they update the design and user interface? Yes. But that’s a small matter compared to the usefulness.

I’d just sent my husband off to Kinko’s with a long list of page numbers to photocopy from a 1928 book I’d received through interlibrary loan. Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire is not only lousy with members of George’s family, but the compiler also turned out to be a relative.

Then, I remembered So, I searched for what a copy of my own would cost. No contest. Spend $30 to own the book, versus photocopying a chunk of it for about the same price. Now if I’d just remembered before I used up one of those long-suffering-husband-of-a-genealogist favors!