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addall.comToday’s Follow Friday is a wonderful site I use all the time called, a book loacator Web site that searches all known book-selling sites for that elusive title you need and delivers ranked results that include shipping to your address and even coupon codes.

Addall can find the best prices for new books, out-of-print books, ebooks, magazines, and DVDs. Genealogists on the hunt for privately printed family titles and other scarce titles will be pleasantly surprised at addall. Plus you can nearly always save some money by checking here before buying a new title.

I just sent my husband off to the enlarging copier at Kinko’s with an ILL copy of the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, which is lousy with members of his family. (The compiler is probably a relative of his!)

After he left, I realized I hadn’t tried Addall to see what a copy of my own would cost. I think I’ll spend $30 and own the whole book, instead of having him copy a chunk of it for about half that price. Now if I’d just remembered that before I used up one of those husbandly favors.

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