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28 Dec 2017

A Literal Treasure Chest Thursday

By |28 Dec 2017|Family Photos & Records, Genealogy, Primary Sources|2 Comments

Today is a literal Treasure Chest Thursday, as I sort through the family papers and photographs my mother bequeathed me. But first I want to thank the readers and Facebook friends who reached out to me after the death of my mother on 10 December. My mother was 94 and [...]

16 Nov 2017

Fall Sale on Archival Supplies for Genealogy

By |16 Nov 2017|Family Photos & Records, Preservation|0 Comments

The fall sale on archival supplies for genealogy is going on right now. Get 20 percent off everything at Hollinger Metal Edge, where professional archivists, libraries, museums, and archives buy their supplies. USE CODE: FALL2017 I am dismayed when genealogists tell me they buy acid-free supplies for their priceless family papers [...]

12 Oct 2017

19th-Century Occupational Portraits

By |12 Oct 2017|Family Photos & Records, Unusual Records|0 Comments

Is your ancestor's job included in these 19th-century occupational portraits at the Library of Congress? The Prints and Photographs Division highlights these images in the article "Profiling Portraits: Occupational Portraits of the 19th Century." These compelling images can help add context to your research and and a great understanding [...]

4 May 2017

Caring for Scrapbook Family Photographs

By |4 May 2017|Family Photos & Records, Genealogy, Preservation|0 Comments

Are you caring for scrapbook family photographs? Do your scrapbook family photographs look like the one above? Here are some solutions from an archivist-genealogist. During #AskAnArchivist Day, Missy asked: I've been given large portions of my grandmother's photographic/scrapbook collection and also her eldest brother's. Some of the photos from [...]

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