Posts about scanning, including TIF and JPG file formats, DPI and PPI resolution recommendations, and other tips for genealogy research.

9 Dec 2015

Portable Scanners for Genealogy

By |9 Dec 2015|Family Photos & Records, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Scanning|0 Comments

Today's post is about the latest portable scanners for genealogy. It's been three years since I recommended a portable scanner for genealogy research. And we know that three years is a long time in the tech field, so here are some updated recommendations. So I've updated my recommendation for a portable scanner [...]

27 Nov 2015

Photoshop Elements 14 Sale

By |27 Nov 2015|Family Photos & Records, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Scanning|3 Comments

There's an Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 sale at Amazon right now for $59.99, plus Amazon Prime customers save an additional $20. (Regularly $99.00 retail.)This is the latest version of the software used in Sassy Jane's Guide to Cataloging Digital Family Photographs and Records to help you scan, add information, and organize your family photos [...]

27 Feb 2014

FineScanner Turns iPad Camera Into Scanner

By |27 Feb 2014|Apps, iPads and iPhones, Scanning|4 Comments

Need a portable scanner? The FineScanner app turns iPad camera into scanner. Use your iPad or iPhone camera to produce neatly scanned pages with FineScanner app. Short notice on this flash one-day sale, but the FineScanner app is worth the $1.99 it regularly costs to have this capability on the go. (Update: [...]

10 Jan 2014

By |10 Jan 2014|Family Photos & Records, Preservation, Scanning|0 Comments is a charitable organization of volunteer photography enthusiasts who help rescue and restore damaged photos, particularly after natural disasters. o"Insurance doesn't restore memories, but we do" is their tagline. OperationPhotoRescue makes two to three "copy runs" per year, usually to locations in the U.S. that have suffered major disasters. OPR organizes [...]