9 Dec 2015

Portable Scanners for Genealogy

Today's post is about the latest portable scanners for genealogy. It's been just three years since I recommended a portable scanner for genealogy research from an archivist's perspective. And we know that three years is a long time in the tech field, so here are some updated recommendations. The latest scanner the Canon LiDE220 Document Scanner – $74 at Amazon. Why do I like this one over all the others? Mostly because of these five things: Highly portable at 3.5 pounds Large 8x10 scanning bed 4800 x 4800 ppi (pixels per inch), higher than handheld scanners Auto-upload to cloud services, such as Evernote and Dropbox Reasonable cost If you've read my earlier post on scanners, you know that I'm not impressed with small scanners that require images to be knit together digitally after scanning. I also avoid scanners that require you to drag the scanner over the document or photo, or feed it through the scanner. That's very [...]

30 Mar 2014

iScanner App Flash Sale

Alert: iScanner app flash sale right now. The iScanner app scans "any document, receipt, white-board and note with your iPhone." Download iScanner for 50 percent off at the App Store for 99 cents. "A PDF is a trusty friend you can always rely on. Indestructible, impossible to change, always present but never intrusive. Turn all your documents, files and photos into best friends with the iScanner app. Take a photo (or choose one from your gallery), select the part to scan and, hey presto, you have all your documents in your iPhone." One note: between the iScanner app and Finescanner app from ABBYY I featured a few days ago? The winner is finescanner, even when it's not on sale. Also free today: Create retro photos with Hipster Lomo Camera for free at the App Store.

27 Feb 2014

FineScanner Turns iPad Camera Into Scanner – Free Today

FineScanner, an app that turns photos made with the iPad or iPhone camera into a neatly scanned page, is free today only (regularly $1.99). Short notice on this flash one-day sale, but the FineScanner app is worth the $1.99 it regularly costs to have this capability on the go. (Update: as of 28 Feb 2014, the app is still free.) FineScanner – download it from iTunes here – is created by ABBYY, a leading provider of OCR and other scanning software used by libraries, archives, and museums. (Note: this app is for image capture only; OCR is not included.) Use your device's camera, edit the photo as necessary, and export it as a PDF via mail, or into Dropbox, Evernote, or Facebook. You can even send files straight to your printer from your device. FineScanner is available for both iPhone and iPad and compared to the price of other handheld scanners, this [...]