2 Feb 2016

Sassy Jane @ Rootstech 2016

Sassy Jane @ Rootstech 2016
Managing Your Digital Research Environment
Saturday 6 Feb 2016 from 1:30 – 2:30 pm
in Ballroom A of the Salt Palace.
When you organize your digital records and online life, your genealogy research is more effective. My session helps you: 1) put your digital research in order, using techniques from professional archivists, 2) organize your online life, and 3) secure your data.

Avoid information overload and get organized online using specific Internet tools, and genealogy and productivity apps. Discover ways to protect your family history data using automated backups.

Whether you’ve been researching for years or are just starting out, when you participate in RT1786 Managing Your Digital Research Environment at Rootstech2016, you’ll learn how to create a master genealogy filing system with just six main folders. A retrieval system—a way of locating what you own on demand—is vital. Information recall is quick and easy using consistent data entry and file naming.

Follow these guidelines and there’s […]

6 Jan 2016

Rootstech 2016 Winner Announced

Bonnie Belza from Arizona is the winner
of a free 3-day Rootstech 2016 pass from
Sassy Jane Genealogy.

Bonnie is most interested in learning “how to do methodical research whether online or at a repository.” A worthy goal and one I think she will find lots of help with at Rootstech.

Thanks to the other contestants for entering, and I hope I see you all at the Salt Palace. RootsTech 2016 is February 3–6, 2016, at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. With an excellent exhibit hall, more than 200 classes, and inspirational keynote speakers (Doris Kearns Goodwin!!), RootsTech 2016 is bigger and better than ever.

It’s not too late to register to attend Rootstech 2016. More than 15,000 people from across the world are expected to make the trek to Salt Lake City on February 3–6, 2016, to learn, discover, preserve, and share family stories across generations. FamilySearch has created a Rootstech 2016 […]

13 Oct 2015

Rootstech Early Bird Reg Ends in 2 Days

Rootstech early bird reg ends in 2 days. Register by October 15 for a RootsTech 2016 conference pass at the discounted price of $149. After 15 Oct, the RootsTech conference registration price rises to $249.

With over 200 classes and an expo hall with hundreds of exhibitors (the best part, imho, and I’m a speaker), RootsTech 2016 is going to be great.

I look forward to meeting you at my Saturday session on Managing Your Digital Research Environment. My session on managing your digital environment for effective genealogy research helps you be a more effective researcher. This session helps you:

1) Put your digital research records in order, using professional archival techniques, and

2) Organize your online life. Learn how to create a master genealogy filing system with just six main folders, and how to link digital and paper records.

Avoid information overload and get organized online using specific Internet tools, and genealogy and productivity apps. Discover ways […]

17 Jan 2015

Choosing Image Management Software

My good friend and fellow genealogist Judy Webster has started the new year with some resolutions about organizing her research using a “source-based incremental fix,” rather than a giant do-over approach. Makes sense to me!

One of her steps is choosing image management software to better organize her family photos. This is an essential step, and one that I cover in more detail in my e-book, Cataloging Family Photographs & Records.

But let’s take a look in this blog post as some of the software options.

Image management software is used by genealogists to:

Create high-resolution master scans
Edit photos to resize, crop, and alter master digital files
Make changes to many photos with a batch edit
Add information to digital images using metadata
Search for images and retrieve them using keywords
Use special functions, such as creating albums, employing facial recognition or adding GPS linking

Adobe Photoshop is the leader in this category, but it’s extremely expensive and complex to use. It also has a lot of sophisticated features geared to graphic designers that genealogists will probably never need or learn to use. So an alternative to Photoshop is a good idea.

Fortunately there are several lower-cost image management applications available that are easier to use. Alternatives to Photoshop include:

Photoshop Elements ($80-$100) – think of it as Photoshop Lite. Has powerful image editing capabilities, including GPS and facial recognition; easier to use than Photoshop but still has a learning curve. Many free tutorials available. Also has scanning feature. Mac or Windows. A 30-day demo is available for download by clicking here. Tip: Adobe releases a new version of Photoshop Elements every year, usually with only small changes between versions. The current version of the software is 13. Earlier versions are available for sale online at big discounts.