Sassy Jane @ Rootstech 2016
Managing Your Digital Research Environment
Saturday 6 Feb 2016 from 1:30 – 2:30 pm
Ballroom A of the Salt Palace.

When you organize your digital records and online life, your genealogy research is more effective. My session helps you: 1) put your digital research in order, using techniques from professional archivists, 2) organize your online life, and 3) secure your data.

Sassy Jane @ Rootstech 2016Avoid information overload and get organized online using specific Internet tools, and genealogy and productivity apps. Discover ways to protect your family history data using automated backups.

Whether you’ve been researching for years or are just starting out, when you participate in RT1786 Managing Your Digital Research Environment at Rootstech2016, you’ll learn how to create a master genealogy filing system with just six main folders. A retrieval system—a way of locating what you own on demand—is vital. Information recall is quick and easy using consistent data entry and file naming.

Follow these guidelines and there’s no need for color codes, numbering systems, or other complicated schemes.

Whether you’re new to genealogy or have thousands of records, using these methods to manage your digital research environment frees you to concentrate on the fun stuff: finding more ancestors. Tame digital records & avoid online information overload w/ simple & effective organizing ideas from a pro librarian/archivist/genealogist.

The companion e-book for this presentation, Organizing Genealogy Research Using Archival Principlesoffers simple and effective strategies to tame your digital files and paper records.

This e-book covers in detail the concepts in the presentation at Rootstech2016 on Managing Your Digital Research Environment. The e-book Sassy Jane’s Guide to Organizing Genealogy Research has four sections:

  1. Using Consistent Data Entry and File Naming

  2. Creating the Six-Folder Digital Filing System

  3. Filing Paper Records

  4. Linking Digital and Paper Records in Citations


Sassy Jane @ Rootstech 2016 – I hope we meet!