8 Oct 2011

Schumann of Massow, Pomerania, Prussia: Surname Saturday

Research has gotten less complicated now that I know my German ancestors really were Prussian. I’ve had some success lately with the Schumanns, my great-grandmother’s line from Pomerania. Anna Schumann’s father, Friedrich Wilhelm, was certainly adventurous. He left his native village of Massow for nearby Freienwalde, where he married his first wife, Auguste Marie Luise LINDE (1835-1886). Massow is now Maszewo [maˈʂɛvɔ], a town in Goleniów County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland. […]

Anatomy of a Mistake

I figured out a mistake in my tree this week. And while it’s human nature to blog about all the brilliant stuff we do to find our ancestors, I thought it might be just as valuable to examine a mistake. When I was first trying to assemble the family group for my great-grandmother, Anna Schumann KIRSCHSTEIN KAHNS, I didn’t know much about the family. Some census work revealed that Anna had three siblings: Marie, Elise and Friedrich. Sister Marie was living in Chicago when she somehow met Christian Gross, married him in St. Paul and moved to Minnesota. When I found Christian and Marie Gross in the 1920 census, they were right where they should be: Murdock, Swift, Minnesota. But they had an additional household member, Careline [sic] Gross, sister-in-law to Christian, the head of the household.   Eager for more Schumann siblings, I made the leap and decided the census-taker [...]

12 Sep 2010

Schumanns of Freienwalde, Pomerania, Prussia

  Freienwalde, Pomerania, Prussia 1 Friedrich Wilhelm (Fred) SCHUMANN -------------------------------------------------- Birth:      1834, Germany Death:    14 Apr 1908, Chicago, Cook, Illinois Burial:    17 Apr 1908, Forest Park, Cook, Illinois Occupation:    Ackerbürger (citizen farmer); laborer Religion:    Lutheran Ackerbürger (Ackerbuerger) : farmer in a town who has all the rights of a citizen (therefore this term was never used in villages. Spouse:  Auguste Marie Luise LINDE Birth:      13 Oct 1835, Freienwalde, Pommern, Preussen Death:    21 Jun 1886, Chicago, Cook, Illinois Father:   Carl LINDE Mother: Luise REINHARDT Children: Anna Friedrike Luise (1861-1934) Marie Auguste Wilhelmine (Mary) (1863-1947) Elise Ernstine Hermine (Lizzie) (1865->1930) Friedrich August Wilhelm (Fred) (1872-1950) 1.1a Anna Friedrike Luise SCHUMANN* -------------------------------------------------- Birth:      15 Jul 1861, Freienwalde, Pommern, Preussen Death:    4 Nov 1934, Chicago, Cook, Illinois Burial:    7 Nov 1934, Forest Park, Cook, Illinois Occupation:    Seamstress Religion:    Lutheran Spouse:    Bruno Julius Wilhelm KIRSCHSTEIN Birth:        25 Mar 1851, Rawitsch, [...]

11 Sep 2010

Surname Saturday: Birth and Baptism of Anna SCHUMANN

Today’s Surname Saturday: Birth and Baptism of Anna SCHUMANN, and on the same wonderful roll of microfilmed parish registers, the names, birth and baptism dates of her three siblings, the names of her parents, and more. Before I started the research, the only things I knew about my maternal great-grandmother were: 1.    Her name was Anna. 2.   Her mother’s name was Augusta. 3.   Her family was (supposedly) from Berlin. 4.    When she died, she was laid out in the front parlor of my grandmother’s Chicago apartment. My mother, age 9, is displaced by relatives in town for the funeral and had to sleep on the couch in the same room with the body. (File that under Things We Don’t Ask of Our Children Today.) 5.    Anna was divorced from her first husband and became very religious. She was separated from her second husband at the time of her death because she sent [...]

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