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19 Oct 2014

Where We Came From in the U.S.

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Where we came from in the United States...and where we went is the subject of today's post. These infographics from the New York Times illustrate domestic migration from 1900 through 2012. You know I love a good set of interactive maps for genealogy research and these are fascinating. These maps use census data to illustrate [...]

22 Oct 2013

Mapping 1890 German Ancestry

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Today's post is about mapping 1890 German ancestry in the U.S. There are more Americans of German extraction living in this country today than any other ethnicity. At least seven million German natives emigrated to the United States between 1800 and the present. Most arrived between 1840 and 1914, [...]

18 May 2013

Direct Me NYC 1940 – Find Your Elusive NYC Family Member

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Direct Me NYC 1940 marries the 1940 census with the digitized phone books of all five boroughs of New York City. The user unites the two sets of data with the help of Steve Morse's One-Step site. If you're still struggling to find elusive NYC family members, this site can help. [...]

4 Apr 2012

Joseph and Mabel Libby in Barnsdall, Oklahoma

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Joseph and Mabel Libby in Barnsdall, Oklahoma – finding them without the index in the 1940 census has made me very happy. So now I've found my husband’s grandparents, whom he never knew, in the 1940 Census. Here's how I did it: I didn’t have an address or even [...]