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17 Apr 2014

Surnames Were Not Changed at Ellis Island

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Why ancestor surnames were not changed at Ellis Island by inspectors is today’s post. Today is the anniversary of the busiest day in Ellis Island’s history. One hundred and seven years ago, 11,747 individuals arrived to begin new lives in America. An average day saw 5,000 immigrants [...]

25 Aug 2013

United States Predominant Surnames Map from National Geographic

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Here's an interesting map for those interested in surnames. The United States predominant surnames map from National Geographic shows what surnames abound where you're doing research. Doubleclick on the map to search or click here to visit the article at National Geographic.

17 Sep 2010

Geogen German Surname Mapping

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Have you tried the Geogen German surname mapping site? There are lots of surname mapping sites out there, but this is the only one I know of that focusses exclusively on Germany and Austria. Geogen is brainchild of Christoph Stöpel, a software developer from Ludwigsfelde, Germany. About Geogen, Stöpel writes: “Geogen is the [...]

10 Jul 2010

Searching for McFadzean

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I've been searching for McFadzean, an old Scots surname found in my husband's family tree. According to this site, is a "Scottish patronymic surname meaning 'son of little Patrick.' The Celtic prefix 'Mc' means 'son of,' while 'Fadzean' is a derivative of the Gaelic Pháidín, meaning 'little Patrick.' " My [...]