Posts about the Larsson Larsdotter Larson family of Björklund and Torphyttan, Lindesberg, Örebro Län, Sweden, the upper peninsula of Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois, USA, including primary source records and genealogy research.

31 Dec 2020

Swedish New Year’s Eve in 1925 Chicago

By |31 Dec 2020|Chicago Genealogy, Holidays, Larsson, Swedish Genealogy|2 Comments

This Swedish New Year's Eve in 1925 Chicago happened 95 years ago tonight when my Swedish and Swedish-American relatives (and neighbors?) gathered together. How I wish I knew all the names of these relatives! But [...]

2 Jul 2020

Finding Family Photo Clues

By |2 Jul 2020|Chicago Genealogy, Family Photos & Records, Hann, Larsson, Swedish Genealogy|2 Comments

Finding family photo clues is an important skill for any genealogist. Clues usually lie inside family photos every genealogist possesses. Learn about resources for family photo clues using the main image (above). Hann [...]

20 Oct 2011

Anna Larsdotter Hann’s Swedish Portrait

By |20 Oct 2011|Family Photos & Records, Larsson, Swedish Genealogy, Treasure Chest Thursday|3 Comments

Anna Larsdotter Hann's Swedish portrait is my Treasure Chest Thursday post. This carte-de-viste photograph of my great-grandmother is one of my prized possessions. I suspect this portrait was taken just before she departed on 7 [...]


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