When I was at Jamboree in June, I decided to order a Family Finder @ Family Tree DNA on my paternal uncle’s DNA. He’s the last male on my late father’s side of the family and rather frail, so even doing the test was very generous of him (and my cousins). And his results have been so interesting and helpful – it seems that our distant Viking ancestors pillaged Scotland before they pillaged Scandinavia. :D
So I was disappointed to learn a few days ago that they didn’t have enough DNA in the sample to upgrade to Family Finder, which, as I understand it, uses more of the sample than other genetic genealogy tests.
And then yesterday, the president and CEO of Family Tree DNA, Bennett Greenspan, called me personally to apologize for a mix-up. Isn’t that great? Now that’s customer service!
And even better, the Family Finder tests for my uncle can go forward.
(P.S. – if you get a chance to hear Mr. Greenspan, take it. Last March, the Northern San Diego County Genealogical Society sponsored a day-long workshop taught by Mr. Greenspan, and it was great. That’s where he first announced the Family Finder test was available. I ordered my own that day and the results are now starting to come in.)