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The site for today’s Follow Friday is, the creator of the leading digital collection management software used by libraries and archives to deliver digital collections to users like you.

While it isn’t necessary to know (or care) what digital collection software is being used when you view a digitized document online, some background information can help you stay abreast of what’s happening online.

Lots of attention in the genealogical research world goes to commercial (for-profit) digital collection sites like Ancestry or Fold3. But there are many many many (non-profit) libraries and archives that are working hard to digitize and deliver their collections directly to users. And while most institutions are using CONTENTdm® software for photograph collections, there are increasing examples of genealogically rich material like yearbooks and oral history transcripts being added all over the country.

How can you find and use these digital collections?

One simple way is through the CONTENTdm® home page, which features collections that use their software. They also host a Collection of Collections page that aggregates collections from a host of libraries and archives. Double-click on the image below or visit this page.

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  1. Jim Gill 21 October 2011 at 5:16 AM

    I’m familiar with ContentDM from its use at the Kentucky Historical Society, but didn’t realize there was a Collection of Collections site. Thanks for the insight.

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