merry christmas 2014 sassy jane genealogy[2016 update: sadly, wishbookweb is no longer available on the Internet.]

No long post today, just a nostalgic trip back through the Sears Wishbook from 1964, when I got a Skipper doll – Barbie’s little sister for those of you not up on your Barbie trivia – along with a carload of other longed-for Barbie stuff for Christmas.

If you’d like to look at your Christmas Past, you can visit and find Speigels 1933, Sears 1940, Lord & Taylor 1941, Sears 1942-1944, and dozens of others all the way up to Sears 1988. (You can also laugh at the god-awful clothes from the 1970s.)

I don’t know who is digitizing those giant vintage mail order catalogs, but I’m glad they are.