Free Access to Swedish RecordsGet Free Access to Swedish Records 14-15 November 2015 at ArkivDigital.

Click here to get started searching 57 million pages of Swedish parish and household exam records. Specifically, ArchivDigital Online  site contains approximately 58 million color images of almost 190,000 volumes of historical documents. The company’s servers deliver an average of two million images each day.

ArkivDigital digital photographs are mainly from public archival institutions in Sweden: National Archives, regional archives, Military Archives and the city archives in Stockholm and Malmö.

The archival materials most in demand by researchers are the church books. ArkivDigital digitized Swedish church records that are relevant for most genealogists until around 1900 and the digitization progress of more recent material (until the 1940s).

Other available source material includes probatetax records (mainly census records), court documents (primarily court records and land registration protocol), military actions (mainly rolls and resumes), prison archives (mainly prison rolls) and sjömanshusarkiv .

Download and install the new software ArkivDigital 2.0 -beta software by clicking here.

Using ArkivDigital Sweden is easy via an online subscription service called ArkivDigital Online, which provides online access to the entire image database for a specific period of time. Download the Coverage Table here. You can also search their database by county and parish name, district name, record type, etc. Search results are improved when using Swedish spelling and diacritical marks when searching, e.g. Örebro rather than Orebro.

If you subscribe to Legacy webinars, watch the one with Kathleen Meade entitled, “Research Your Swedish Ancestors in Living Color Using ArkivDigital Online,” for excellent tips on using this resource.

Recently I posted about how meaningful Swedish All Saints’ Day was for me after finding many early records for my ancestors via ArchivDigital Online. An example of my great-great grandparents’ marriage record is shown above.

Get free access to Swedish records at ArkivDigital at this link: