This post contains links to free Chicago genealogy resources, including materials organized by ethnicity and other groups. Stay tuned as I update these Chicago genealogy resources for researchers in 2023.

That cool photograph above, by the way, is the Chicago Coliseum at 1513 South Wabash Avenue in 1912, from the Library of Congress.

Free Chicago Genealogy Resources Online

Digital collections at The Newberry Library, Chicago History Museum (formerly the Chicago Historical Society), Chicago Public Library,  ethnic libraries and archives, and others are included.

Free Chicago Genealogy Resources by Race and Ethnicity

Between my own family research and my new webinar, Chicago Genealogy Research From Afar, here are links to Chicago genealogy resources beyond the major genealogical research sites. Updating in progress for each of these posts.

Chicago Black Genealogy Resources (updated Jan 2023)

Czech and Slovak Chicago Genealogy Resources (updated Mar 2023)

Chicago and Illinois Digital Collections

Free Chicago City Directories Online (updated Jan 2023)

Chicago German-American Resources:

Chicago Jewish Genealogical Resources

Norwegian Genealogical Resources for Chicago

Polish Genealogical Resources for Chicago

Researching Chicago Address Changes Over Time (new Jan 2023)

Scottish Genealogical Resources for Chicago

Swedish Genealogical Resources for Chicago

Research_Chicago_Ancestors_From_Afar_TitleSlide.jpgChicago Genealogy Resources Webinar

Is your group interested in a webinar on Chicago genealogy research? Did your ancestors settle in Chicago, but you live in another location? Or maybe you’re right at home in Chicagoland? Were your Chicago ancestors native to Illinois? Were they immigrants, like my family? Did they arrive as part of the Great Migration? Discover essential and unusual records for your Chicago ancestors in this webinar. For dates and rates, contact me at this link.

And happy searching for your Chicago ancestors!