Hann Larson Marriage sassy jane genealogyToday’s Treasure Chest Thursday is Anna Larsdotter and Gottfried Hann’s 1891 marriage license. And the reason why it’s in my Treasure Chest is that this document and his death certifica are the only documents that prove Gottfried Hann ever existed. Gottfried Hann is my brickiest of brick walls. I know he’s from Austria, probably from the Tyrolean region, and that he was born in 1861. And that’s it – the sum total of family knowledge. His daughter, my grandmother, was born in December of 1896, two months after her father died at the age of 35 in Chicago.

My mother recently unearthed this Marquette County, Michigan, marriage license and I almost wept to see that he actually existed in a real tangible record.

I used the FamilySearch online database of Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925, and Godfrey Haun and Annie Larson’s record is there (#101), but it has a line drawn through their names.

HannLarsonMarriageCroppedLRMost puzzling in light of the counter-signed, sealed, and embossed marriage license at top. So I wrote to Marquette County, Michigan, and they had no record of the marriage, even though I had a numbered license.My ongoing hunt from the mysterious Mr. Hann? To be continued this Surname Saturday right here at Sassy Jane Genealogy. See you then!