Happy St. Valentine’s Day to my sweetie, the one who’s always up for a research trip, who tromps through cemeteries for me and my FindaGrave cohorts, who reads microfilm and runs a copier like a pro. You’re the best genealogical spouse ever. And he’s even got a fascinating family. You’re the best – mwah!

And for readers who love research (i.e., everyone), here’s some information on the First Valentine and Some English Genealogy. The BBC reports: “The first reference to ‘Valentine’ has been found within a 500-year-old love letter, where the 17-year-old Margery Brews pleads with her betrothed, John Paston, to marry her (despite her parents’ refusal to increase her dowry).” The letter is part of a British Library exhibition on the evolution of the English language.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to all my readers.