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Migration of European Ancestors Departures

One immigrant wrote, “The immigrant station on the outskirts of the city of Hamburg is a model. It is not a huge barrack, like the one at Fiume [now Rijeka, Croatia], but a model village or city, walled and guarded. The new arrivals come in one way, are examined, ticketed, washed, fumigated and fed. 

HAPAG (Hamburg-Amerikanische Paketfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft) had a monopoly on passages between Hamburg and the U.S. Between 1850 and 1939, more than five million European emigrants fleeing poverty, political, and/or religious persecution departed from Hamburg. Thousands of Russian Jews, Austro-Hungarians, and Germans, arrived in the port city every week.

By 1901, HAPAG had improved upon an earlier processing center to create a model emigration station, or Auswandererhallen, on the Elbe island of Veddel.

HAPAG expanded and improved the site to manage the growing tide of emigrants from Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Romania, and other countries of eastern and southern Europe who awaited passage to the U.S.

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