Understanding major US Immigration and Naturalization laws in effect when your immigrant ancestor(s) sought citizenship is essential.

Download Major US Immigration and Naturalization Laws PDF

Congress passed more than 27 immigration acts between 1790 and 1952. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) compiled a free and useful list of major legislation. Download at this link: Major United States Laws Relating to Immigration and Naturalization: 1790-2005.

Naturalization and Citizenship Records eBook

Naturalization-Records-US-Genealogy-Research-coverWhat other resources can help your research with these tricky records? My Sassy Jane Genealogy eBook, Naturalization Records for U.S. Genealogy Research covers US naturalization legislation and records, from the colonial era to 1952.

Requirements for citizenship were set by legislation and varied by time and place. Searching for naturalization records is good; knowing the specific requirements in those times and places returns even better results.

Whether you’re missing a naturalization record or finding an unexpected one, the direct links in Naturalization Records for U.S. Genealogy Research help you search for and find naturalizations for your immigrant ancestors.

Questions about Finding Naturalization Records?

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