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Schumann of Massow, Pomerania, Prussia: Surname Saturday

Research has gotten less complicated now that I know my German ancestors really were Prussian. I’ve had some success lately with the Schumanns, my great-grandmother’s line from Pomerania.

Anna Schumann’s father, Friedrich Wilhelm, was certainly adventurous. He left his native village of Massow for nearby Freienwalde, where he married his first wife, Auguste Marie Luise LINDE (1835-1886). Massow is now Maszewo [maˈʂɛvɔ], a town in Goleniów CountyWest Pomeranian VoivodeshipPoland.

Friedrich eventually emigrated to Chicago with Auguste and their surviving children. Auguste died of TB 18 months after arriving in Chicago and it finally occurred to me that he must have remarried – and he did – someone named Mary. Unfortunately her maiden name isn’t known (yet).

I also found his parents and siblings in Massow:

1 Friedrich Erdmann Johann Christian SCHUMANN


Birth:     1806, Massow, Pommern, Prussia

Father:     Christian Friedrich SCHUMANN

Mother:     Anna Maria CAMRAD

Spouse:     Wilhelmine Dorothea NERCHERT

Birth:        Oct 1809, Massow, Pommern, Prussia

Father:     Johann Heinrich NERCHERT

Mother:     Dorothea Sophia MIELCKE

Marriage:     12 Jan 1832, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


Children:     Anna Maria (1832-)

Friedrich Wilhelm (1833-1908)

August Ferdinand (1835-)

Baby Boy (Died as Infant) (1837-1837)

Auguste Charlotte (Died as Child) (1838-1840)

Luise Marie (Died as Infant) (1841-1841)

Carl Friedrich (1842-)

Carl Paul (1845-)

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1848-)


1.1 Anna Maria SCHUMANN


Birth:     Dec 1832, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


1.2a Friedrich Wilhelm SCHUMANN


Birth:     Dec 1833, Massow, Pommern, Prussia

Death:     14 Apr 1908, Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Burial:     17 Apr 1908, Forest Park, Cook, Illinois

Occupation:     Ackerbürger (citizen farmer); laborer

Religion:     Lutheran

Spouse:     Auguste Marie Luise LINDE

Birth:        13 Oct 1835, Freienwalde, Pommern, Preussen

Death:      21 Jun 1886, Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Father:     Carl LINDE  (~1790-)

Mother:    Johanne Luise REINHARDT (1804-1878)

Marriage: 7 Oct 1860, Freienwalde, Pommern, Preussen


Children:     Anna Friedrike Luise (1861-1934)

Marie Auguste Wilhelmine (Mary) (1863-1947)

Elise Ernstine Hermine (Lizzie) (1865->1930)

Friedrich August Wilhelm (Fred) (1872-1950)

August Johann Carl (1874-)


Other spouses: Mary


1.2b Friedrich Wilhelm SCHUMANN* (See above)



Spouse:     Mary

Birth:     1849

Marriage:     9 Sep 1888, Chicago, Cook, Illinois


Other spouses:     Auguste Marie Luise LINDE


1.3 August Ferdinand SCHUMANN


Birth:     Oct 1835, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


1.4 Baby Boy SCHUMANN


Birth:     16 Jun 1837, Massow, Pommern, Prussia

Death:     16 Jun 1837, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


1.5 Auguste Charlotte SCHUMANN


Birth:     Aug 1838, Massow, Pommern, Prussia

Death:     19 Apr 1840, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


1.6 Luise Marie SCHUMANN


Birth:     Mar 1841, Massow, Pommern, Prussia

Death:     23 May 1841, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


1.7 Carl Friedrich SCHUMANN


Birth:     Feb 1842, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


1.8 Carl Paul SCHUMANN


Birth:     Feb 1845, Massow, Pommern, Prussia


1.9 Johann Friedrich Wilhelm SCHUMANN


Birth:     May 1848, Massow, Pommern, Prussia

Those birthdates are staying elusive, but at least I have baptism dates for all the children. Progress!


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