Joseph & Mabel Libby, 1940 Census, Barnsdall, Oklahoma

Very happy to say that I found my husband’s grandparents, whom he never knew, in the 1940 Census. I didn’t have an address or even a location. But I thought perhaps between 1930 and 1940 they’d lost their farm in the Dust Bowl catastrophe, so I looked in the nearest town to their 1930 location, which is Barnsdall, Bigheart Township, Osage, Oklahoma. The Enumeration District was 57-3 and off I went.

On the 39th out of 48 pages, there they are on lines 10 and 11 of Sheet 20-A. Joseph Libby is working as a night watchman at a Cities Service gas station and his wife is at home. In 1935,* they were living in Pawhuska, a bigger town on the other side of their former farm. All of their children had moved out, so I will search for them elsewhere. I’m very happy that I could find someone without a location or an index. YAY!

*I can tell already this is going to be my favorite 1940 question!