Do you use multiple sources for census searches? If you’re having trouble locating an ancestor in US or UK censuses, try searching at different genealogy websites.

Why Search Multiple Sites?

Now that census images for the US and UK are available online from multiple providers, it’s always a good idea to search each of them for your missing ancestors.

  • Indexers (either human or computer) could interpret handwritten names differently. Family members may be indexed and found in searches at one site, but not at another;
  • Image quality varies between census providers; and
  • Some census years may be completely indexed at one provider and not at another.

Use Multiple Sources for Census Searches

There is no shortage of census providers these days. But be aware that free sites are usually unindexed. Subscription (pay-for-access) sites usually offer indexed census records that permit searching by ancestors’ names. Here are several sites for searching US and UK census records:

One More Census Tip

Always always look at and download the original census record for more information. Don’t rely just on the abstracts. For more posts on census records and search strategies, click here.

Additional Help for Newer Genealogists

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