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26 Apr 2017

AskanArchivist Day 2017

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Today is AskAnArchivist Day 2017 on Twitter. Ever felt overwhelmed working on your family tree in an archives? Don't despair: #AskAnArchivist! Have a question for an archivist about how to use collections for family history research? Or do you need information on preserving your family papers? #AskanArchivist on Twitter. [...]

19 Apr 2017

Researching Your Civilian Conservation Corps Relative

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Interested in researching your Civilian Conservation Corps relative? Try the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Enrollee Records. The CCC was designed to provide jobs for young men, and to relieve their families who could not find work during the Great Depression in the United States, all while improving and conserving open space [...]

16 Apr 2016

Georgetown University’s Search for Slave Descendants

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One of the most important and compelling articles I've ever read about slavery, reparations, and genealogy, documenting Georgetown University's Search for Slave Descendants, is on the front page of the New York Times this morning. In the fall of 1838, two of Georgetown's Jesuit priests arranged for the sale of 272 [...]

10 Apr 2016

Free California Digital Archives for Genealogy Part 3

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Free California Digital Archives for Genealogy Part 3 is part of  Sassy Jane Genealogy's States on Sunday series, providing links to free digital resources for each of the fifty states. Part 1 featured the major resources available. Part 2 includes institutional and small organization links. Part 3 today concludes the entries for California. [...]