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Posts about church records and parish records, primarily from the United States, Scandinavia and Germany, and using these records for genealogy records.

31 May 2017

Searching for Medad Curtis the Shaker

By |31 May 2017|Church Records, Curtis, Surnames|1 Comment

Searching for Medad Curtis the Shaker took me down many interesting research paths, including accounts of his daring rescue of Shaker founder Mother Ann Lee. Some sources said Medad was a Shaker and others say he was the only non-Shaker buried in one of their cemeteries because he saved founder [...]

12 May 2017

Ancestry Shaking Leaf vs. Genealogy Brick Wall

By |12 May 2017|Church Records, German Genealogy, Search Strategies|16 Comments

Ancestry Shaking Leaf vs. Genealogy Brick Wall. Which is mightier? As it turns out, the Ancestry shaking leaf is mightier than my brick wall. I didn’t realize it, but for nearly a decade, my Austrian research has been complicated by looking for a “vagabond" family. With one Ancestry shaking leaf, [...]

13 Sep 2015

Using ArchivDigital Sweden

By |13 Sep 2015|Church Records, Digital Collections, Genealogy, Primary Sources, Swedish Genealogy|Comments Off on Using ArchivDigital Sweden

Interested in using ArchivDigital Sweden to find Swedish ancestors? On Wednesday, I was fortunate to be in the audience for the Legacy webinar with Kathleen Meade entitled, "Research Your Swedish Ancestors in Living Color Using ArkivDigital Online." There were so many helpful tips for using ArchivDigital Sweden that after this webinar, a one-year subscription seemed well [...]

17 Sep 2014

New England Congregational Church Records Discovered

By |17 Sep 2014|Church Records, New England Genealogy|Comments Off on New England Congregational Church Records Discovered

New England Congregational Church Records discovered and are being gathered, transcribed, and digitized by the Congregational Church Library and Archives. New England's Hidden Histories: Colonial-Era Church Records are made available online by the Congregational Library, according to their website, History Matters. The New England church records include digital copies of microfilmed [...]