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3 Jan 2018

Immigrant Inspections at Ellis Island

By |3 Jan 2018|Immigration Records, Primary Sources|2 Comments

What were immigrant inspections at Ellis Island and other U.S. ports like for your ancestors? Best known of all immigrant arrival ports in the U.S., Ellis Island operated for just over 60 years. Most immigrants entered the United States through New York Harbor via the great steamship companies like [...]

14 Nov 2017

Visit to the Tenement Museum in Manhattan

By |14 Nov 2017|Immigration Records|0 Comments

On our last trip to Manhattan, my husband and I made a beeline visit to The Tenement Museum in Manhattan at 97 Orchard Street. Given all the European immigrant ancestors in my family, I've been wanting to go to this museum well before I wrote about it here last spring. About the Tenement [...]

23 May 2017

Researching Irish Immigrant Girls

By |23 May 2017|Immigration Records, Irish Genealogy|0 Comments

Are you researching Irish immigrant girls in your family tree? Try the Watson House Digital Archives for more information on Irish immigrant girls who arrived in New York. Between 1856 and 1921, 3.6 million emigrants left Ireland for North America. Most of them were women who were single and younger than [...]

9 Mar 2016

Translating Hamburg Passenger List Categories

By |9 Mar 2016|Databases, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Immigration Records, Prussian Genealogy, Translation|0 Comments

Is your German a little rusty or perhaps even non-existent, but you are using that great resource database, the Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934? Knowing and translating Hamburg Passenger List Categories before you search can be very helpful. Search both the departure lists in from Hamburg, as well as the arrival lists in New [...]

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