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4 May 2017

Caring for Scrapbook Family Photographs

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Are you caring for scrapbook family photographs? Do your scrapbook family photographs look like the one above? Here are some solutions from an archivist-genealogist. During #AskAnArchivist Day, Missy asked: I've been given large portions of my grandmother's photographic/scrapbook collection and also her eldest brother's. Some of the photos from [...]

1 May 2016

Archives MayDay 2016

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Today is Archives MayDay 2016 – the one day each year when the entire archives profession pays attention to emergency preparedness by writing, reviewing, and revising disaster preparedness plans. At home, too often our emergency planning takes second place to more pressing demands. So I think it’s smart to [...]

26 May 2015

Archival Supplies Sale May 2015

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Archival Supplies Sale May 2015 at Hollinger until June 1. Get 20 percent off everything at Hollinger Metal Edge, where professional archivists buy their supplies. CLICK HERE AND USE CODE: XXIII Archivists swear by Hollinger, the leader in this field since 1945. Archivists do not store priceless originals in office supplies at discount stores, [...]

1 May 2015

SOS Save Our Stuff 2015

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The American Library Association is now promoting SOS Save Our Stuff 2015. Each year during national Preservation Week in the United States, ALA reaches out to family historians and cultural organizations with helpful resources for preserving archives and family records. Here are the links for SOS Save Our Stuff 2015: [...]