Follow Friday: Evangelical Central Archive in Berlin

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Follow Friday: Evangelical Central Archive in Berlin

Today’s Follow Friday is the Evangelical Central Archive in Berlin, which has a great collection of German parish registers from the former Prussian church provinces beyond the Oder-Neisse border (Eastern Prussia, Western Prussia, Back Pomerania, Posen, eastern territories of Mark Brandenburg and Silesia) and some Protestant military church registers.

The repository has the following holdings:

  • About 7000 Parish Registers from Protestant parishes which belonged to the former eastern provinces of the Protestant Church of the Old Prussian Union. These areas today belong to Poland, Russia, and Lithuania. German Protestant parishes no longer exist in these areas.
  • About 763 military church records of the Military Church
  • About 70 Parish Registers from German-speaking congregations outside of Germany.
  • Personal records from Danish refugee camps (1943-1949) are available for official use only.

Click here to search for parish registers by village. The fee schedule for genealogical research is provided here. And here is a link to the search interface (with English translation by Google).

If you’re looking for parish registers for this region that aren’t available through FamilySearch or LDS microfilm, the EZA Archive may be just the ticket.