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Poznan Marriage Project: Follow Friday

Today’s Follow Friday post is about the Poznan Marriage Project, a database of extracted nineteenth marriage records. Headed by Łukasz Bielecki, the Poznan Marriage Project contains 651,594 records from civil, Lutheran, and Catholic parishes within the former Prussian province of Posen, now Poznań, Poland.

In addition to the search function available by surname, location, and date, the site also provides a wealth of information about what records are available for various villages and towns.

An example (for Rawitsch, the village in Posen where my ancestors are from) of the detailed record and repository information available:

Rawicz Rawitsch District capital

Roman Catholic parish

3701 souls (in 1888)
Includes: Christianchen, Drei Haeuser, Eckvorwerk, Hoppe Seidel, Karlsruhe, Kitzel Vorwerk, Lindenhof, Masłowo (Massel), Polskie Dębno (Polnisch Damme), Rawicz, Sierakowo, Sprette Vorwerk, Szymanowo, Zopter

Archdiocesan Archive in Poznan
B 1690-1899
M 1713-17731812-18311834-1900
D 1744-17751811-18311834-1912

State Archive in Poznan
B 1837-1874
M 1837-1874
D 1837-1874

Lutheran community

8565 souls (ca. 1900)
Archdiocesan Archive in Poznan
B 1890-1899
M 1880-1889
D 1893-1801
State Archive in Poznan
B 1701-1879
M 1707-1879
D 1701-18421848-1874
State Archive in Leszno
B 1830-1874
M 1830-1874
D 1830-1874

State Archive in Poznan
B 1845-1874
M 1845-1873
D 1845-1876

Katholisches Militärbischofsamt in Bonn
B 1840-1847

Lutheran community

B 1813-1915
M 1813-1915
D 1813-1915

State Archive in Poznan
B 1849
D 18371841-1856 

Lutheran community

State Archive in Poznan
B 1841-18551860-18711873
M 1856-185818601863-186618681871
D 1841-18731875

About the Author:

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  1. Eowyn Langholf 7 August 2011 at 10:05 PM

    Well, this was certainly a pleasant surprise to stumble across! I have lots of family from Posen 😀

  2. Sassy Jane Genealogy 8 August 2011 at 9:45 PM

    Good luck, Eowyn – I hope you find lots of ancestors.

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