Free Alaska Digital Archives for Genealogy
are featured in Sassy Jane Genealogy‘s States on Sunday series
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Alaska’s Digital Archives

Free Alaska Digital Archives

Hoo-Hoo-Ye (courtesy Alaska’s Digital Archives)

Partners in this collaborative project include the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, the Consortium Library at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and the Alaska State Library in Juneau. For a full list of contributing libraries and archives, click here.

Stampeder Genealogy

The National Park Services writes, “There are a number of sites that list resources and maintain searchable databases of people who went north to Alaska and Canada during the gold rush. These sites are an easy place to begin your research.”

SLED (Statewide Library Electronic Doorway)
Information Resources For, By, and About Alaska

Developed by the Alaska State Library and University of Alaska libraries, SLED is a portal providing access to many databases and online resources, including Heritage Quest, Alaska’s Digital Archives and other databases from A-Z, licensed for Alaska residents.

Alaska State Archives

Although its online collection is rather small, the Alaska State Archives does include one sizable database of note, the Probate Records of Alaska, 1885-1960, containing 17,000 probate cases from Alaska’s early court system.

For family history researchers, the rest of the Archives collection can be a valuable resource, even though the bulk of their materials are offline. See the Alaska State Archives’ Alaska Genealogy page for a description available resources and procedures for requesting information.

Alaska’s Digital Archives at the University of Alaska

The University of Alaska‘s digital archives contains historical photographs, albums, oral histories, still and motion pictures, maps, documents, physical objects, tribal histories, and other materials from libraries, museums, tribes, villages and archives throughout the state.
Their collections are divided into two categories browsable by region or timeline::

1. Pathways for Alaska Native Materials

  • Religion and Church Leadership
  • Traditional Spiritual Practices
  • Native Organizations
  • Ceremonial Life
  • Education
  • Native Leadership and Politics
  • Traditional Ways of Learning
  • Traditional Technology
  • Health Care Providers
  • Make a Living
  • Art
  • Health Care Facilities

2. Pathways for Movement to Statehood Materials

  • Government
  • Military
  • People
  • Transportation
  • Business and Commerce
  • Natural Resources
  • Society and Daily Life

Alaska State Historical Library

Their online resources includes database indices linking to other resources, such as the Index for Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers, 1850-1950, v. 1-5. This searchable database includes many thousands of names, with links to local records. The Schools in Rural Alaska Exhibit is a collections of 20 photographs selected from collections at the Alaska State Library.

  • Guide to Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm
  • Index to names found in Alaska Searchlight
  • Index to cover photographs of Alaskan Sportsman magazine
  • Index to photographers of Alaska, by Candace Waugaman
  • Index to mining-related articles in Ketchikan newspapers
  • Index to Alaska Gold Rush Pioneers of the Juneau-Douglas Area 1880-1921.
  • Published by: Juneau Pioneers of Alaska Igloo and Auxiliary No. 6 Juneau, Alaska
  • Index to Alaska Free Press
  • Index to Alaska Weekly and Alaska Sportsman obituaries

Archives West

Archives West provides access to descriptions of primary sources at archives and libraries in Alaska and the western United States, including correspondence, diaries, and photographs. Digital images are available in some cases.

Alaska Digital Map Data

The Alaska Mapping Initiative is a U.S. Geological Survey program to support and improve maps and digital map data for Alaska, bringing Alaska topographic map and digital map data quality in line with the conterminous United States.

Other Alaska Resources Online

That’s it for free Alaska Digital Archives from Sassy Jane. Tune in next Sunday for free Arizona Digital Archives for Genealogy. Check out the other states in this series here.