This Judson Baptist Church History, Oak Park, Illinois, published in 1941, is helpful for Chicago genealogy, especially researchers working in the Austin/Oak Park area.

My parents were married in this church two years later. And on the Sundays when we drove to the city to see my grandparents, we always passed by this church. And every time my parents would say, “We were married in that church!” Eventually it became a running joke. So it’s ironic that some years later I was happy to discover this history, because for most of my eye-rolling childhood I hoped never to hear of this place again.

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Judson Baptist Church, Oak Park, Illinois

Judson Baptist Church History, Oak Park, Illinois

Judson Baptist Church History, Oak Park, Illinois

To download the complete 1941 history booklet in a pdf, click here: History of Judson Baptist Church, Oak Park, Illinois, April 1941