While we all have census on our minds, here is a post about finding presidents in US census records, courtesy of the archivists at NARA.

US Presidents in the Census

That’s Abraham Lincoln in the featured image above. He was living in Springfield, Illinois, in 1860. His wife Mary Todd, sons Robert, Willie, and Todd. Two servants also lived in the same house.

And the 1910 census image below shows Franklin Delano Roosevelt living in a townhouse on East 65th Street in Manhattan. His wife, Anna Eleanor, daughter Anna and son James, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s brother, Hall Roosevelt live there. Eight (!) servants worked and lived in the house.

This house was a wedding present from FDR’s mother, Sarah. She built herself a house next door at the same time, with doors on every floor to visit her son and daughter-in-law whenever she wished. That free house wasn’t so free after all!

US Presidents in the Census

FDR and family (and mother next door) in the 1910 census.

Find Other US Presidents in the Census

Here are links to other presidents in the census records, courtesy of NARA.