More on Kate Middleton’s Family Tree

More on Kate Middleton’s family tree today. There is great interest in my posts about Kate Middleton’s family tree, particularly her shared line with Prince William, and her possible descent through Henry VIII.

But just a few days away from the royal wedding, I think it’s also worthwhile to look at her the ancestry of her mother, Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith Middleton, and the more modest side of Catherine’s family tree. The future queen of England is a descendant of working-class laborers and miners from Sunderland and County Durham in northern England.

More on Kate Middleton's Family Tree

Courtesy Northern Echo

Kate Middleton’s great-grandfather, Thomas Harrison, was the son of a miner from the former mining town of Hetton-le-Hole in County Durham, born and brought up in one of the nearby old colliery terraces, Nicholson Street, in Hetton Downs. Thomas became a carpenter and moved his family to London.

Isn’t this remarkable? For more on Kate’s maternal line, click here.

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