The Most Famous Book Set in Each State of the U.S. is a cool infographic map.

And it’s from Business Insider of all publications.

Since genealogists love: 1. reading, 2. data, 3. maps, 4. history, 5. written records, 6. literature, you’ll love this map. And I have to agree with about 80 percent of the article, including The Jungle for Illinois. Do you agree with the Most Famous Book set in your birth state and those of your ancestors?

And have you seen Your Ancestors’ Birth Year Words? Now you can find out you and your ancestors’ birth year words – words that were “born” or entered the lexicon the same year you or your ancestors were born, courtesy of the seminal research work, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). For subscribers, they provide a blog with an online search tool delivering examples by month and year for birth year words. Their more traditional role of providing access to the first known date for which a word was used is also on offer. Indy100independent in the UK has compiled a list by year here.