22 Mar 2018

Google Maps and Uncommunicative Records

By |22 Mar 2018|Chicago Genealogy, Maps, Marriage Records, Research Tips, Search Strategies|6 Comments

Today's post is about Google Maps and Uncommunicative Records. I only wish I'd thought of this work-around sooner for place research. I've had a love-hate relationship with turn-of-the-(20th)-century Cook County marriage licenses for years now. [...]

29 Mar 2016

Free Family History Books Online – Tuesday’s Tip

By |29 Mar 2016|Digital Collections, Family Photos & Records, Genealogy|0 Comments

Today's post is short and sweet and about free family history books online. Family History Books (books.familysearch.org) contains more than 200,000 digitized genealogy, family history, and local history publications available from around the world. "The [...]

8 Mar 2016

When Women Lost US Citizenship By Marrying

By |8 Mar 2016|Naturalization Records, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides|6 Comments

At certain times in the early 20th century, women lost U.S. citizenship when marrying foreign-born men. The U.S. Expatriation Act of 1907 mandated that all women acquired their husband’s nationality upon marriage. As a result, [...]


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