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Sassy Jane Genealogy

US and European Genealogy Research

29 Mar 2016

Free Family History Books Online – Tuesday’s Tip

By |29 Mar 2016|Digital Collections, Family Photos & Records, Genealogy|0 Comments

Today's post is short and sweet and about free family history books online. Family History Books ( contains more than 200,000 digitized genealogy, family history, and local history publications available from around the world. "The [...]

8 Mar 2016

When Women Lost US Citizenship By Marrying

By |8 Mar 2016|Naturalization Records, Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides|6 Comments

At certain times in the early 20th century, women lost U.S. citizenship when marrying foreign-born men. The U.S. Expatriation Act of 1907 mandated that all women acquired their husband’s nationality upon marriage. As a result, [...]

29 Apr 2014

Preservation Week 2014 Textiles

By |29 Apr 2014|Archival Supplies, Family Photos & Records, Preservation|0 Comments

Preservation Week 2014 Textiles is today's post. This year Preservation Week is from April 27-May 3. A joint effort by the archives, library, and museum professions, Preservation Week is designed to share professional expertise on preservation of historical materials with individuals and [...]


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