Titanic Resource Guide from The Nova Scotia Archives

Diary of Clifford “Cliff” Crease (1888-1961). Courtesy The Nova Scotia Archives

The Titanic Resource Guide from the Nova Scotia Archives and accompanying digital archives are important resources well digitized and delivered. And they are free to all users all the time.  The Nova Scotia Archives is a division of the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.

Of the 2209 passengers and crew on board, 1497 lost their lives. Within hours, the RMS Carpathia recovered 712 passengers at the scene; five were dead or subsequently died on board and were buried at sea. Two Halifax-based cable ships, the CS MacKay-Bennett and the CS Minia, were chartered within days, steamed to the site, and recovered the majority of the remaining bodies — 306 by the MacKay-Bennett and 17 by the Minia.

Altogether, some 337 bodies were plucked from the Atlantic…. One hundred and twenty-eight bodies were buried at sea and 209 brought to Halifax. Of the latter, 59 were claimed and shipped to other locations; the remaining 150 were buried at Fairview Lawn, Mount Olivet and Baron de Hirsch cemeteries…. We are proud to make this small contribution towards perpetuating the memory of those who died in Titanic’s catastrophic end.

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The Titanic Resource Guide from the Nova Scotia Archives and accompanying digital archives are all free and include:

First Class Passenger List

Second Class Passenger List

Diary of Clifford Crease

Fatality Reports

List of Bodies

CS Mackay-Bennett: Bodies

CS Minia: Bodies

CGS Montmagny: Bodies

SS Algerine: Bodies

Halifax, Nova Scotia: Burials

Virtual Exhibit


Image at top of sailors recovering victims of the Titanic sinking is courtesy Nova Scotia Archives.