Tombstone Tuesday: Major Harry Winfield Schenck is about visiting  the United States Military Academy Post Cemetery at West Point.

Over 100 notables are buried there, but I wanted to pay my respects at the grave of a childhood friend. While my husband and I were there, we could not help but be struck many of the headstones and the stories implied in birth and death dates.

And so today’s post is about Major Harry Winfield Schenck (Class of 1933 USMA), who gave his life for his country in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp on 21 Feb 1945 just months before the end of World War II.

Tombstone Tuesday: Major Harry Winfield Schenck

December 1969 issue of “The Quan”

“The Quan” was an official publication of a non-profit group, the Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, Inc. The December 1969 issue lists Harry Schenck as dying in “a Japanese prison camp or on a prison ship of disease, malnutrition, etc.” Major Schenck was awarded the Silver Star posthumously in 1946.

Major Harry Winfield Schenck is remembered.