Using the 1910 Norway census? It was released to the public today and you can click here to search. The Digitalarkivet is a free public service from the National Archives of Norway. Before today, the only nominative censuses publicly available were: 1801, 18651870, 18751885, 1891, 1900.

If you find working in the Norwegian language a bit intimidating, remember that you can embed a preferred language in the Digitalarkivet URL. For example:

This URL below goes to the 1801 census page for the farm Qverk in Eger (Eiker), Buskerud, Norway, where my great-great-great-great-grandmother, Johanne Pedersdatter, is living with her son Peder Nielssen and his wife Berthe Wernersdatter:


If I insert “&spraak=e&amp” (no quotes) immediately after the first question mark in that URL, then I get the page translated into English:


I think that’s pretty nice of the Norwegians, yes? And now I’m off to go search in 1910 and perhaps find some relatives who still live in Norway.