Where the Titanic Passengers are Buried in NYC

Where the Titanic passengers are buried in NYC is an illuminating piece published as part of the Titanic centennial commemorations.

The New York City locations of memorials to Titanic passengers who died and graves of passengers who survived are detailed in this article. James Barron writes in his article, “Remembering Titanic: Where the Passengers Are Buried“:

For the last hour, [J. Joseph Edgette, chair of the cemeteries and grave markers area of the American Culture Association] had been crisscrossing Woodlawn’s 313 acres, driving slowly and stopping to look at graves of passengers who died when the unsinkable ship went down 100 years ago, and survivors who were buried there later on. Of the passengers aboard the Titanic, more than 1,500 died, including more than 300 whose bodies were pulled from the water after the Cunard steamship Carpathia had picked up the survivors. (Of the bodies that were recovered, more than 115 were buried at sea. The rest were taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where 150 were buried in three cemeteries. The others were shipped out for burial by relatives.)

Where the Titanic Passengers are Buried in NYC

Johnathan Thayer, archivist for the Seamen’s Church Institute, with Titanic relics at Benjamin Rosenthal Library at Queens College. (courtesy NY Times)

As a companion piece, the Times also has a nice piece today entitled “Throughout the City, Finding Traces of the Titanic, also by James Barron, on locations and archival collections in New York City that memorialize the Titanic and her passengers. Graveyards and archives – the delight of genealogists.

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  1. Lisa Wallen Logsdon 12 April 2012 at 8:04 AM

    Having recently seen the movie Titanic, probably for the 5th or 6th time, only this time in 3-D, I had been wondering about where the bodies were buried. Thanks for posting this information and the links.

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