What are your best 2018 genealogy things?

Before we plunge into a new research year, let’s visit your best 2018 genealogy things.  Were you on the move, making a research trip, or visit a family homestead?

Perhaps you took a class or went to a conference, joined a society, or discovered a new set of records. Did you discover some new family via DNA, learn a new skill, or find new friends with common research goals?

Courtesy James Hardiman Library, UNI Galway

Was digitization a help to you or did you find records that have never been scanned?

Perhaps you find new genealogy bloggers to follow?

And what were the outcomes? Did brick walls fall? Or is more research needed? How did your research skills improve this year?

Tell me all about your best 2018 genealogy things here in the comments, on your own site, or on Facebook.