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10 Feb 2015

FamilySearch Targeted Searches

FamilySearch targeted SearchesFamilySearch targeted searches now make it possible to search a group of databases by location.

I went to FamilySearch a different way recently and discovered a new (to me) way to do location searches. (I’ll be watching the comments and you can tell me if this feature has always been there all along!)

My searches on FamilySearch used to be limited to:

  1. Broad search from main page of all of their databases, or
  2. Limited search of one database on that resource’s page

#1 returned mostly terrible results, while #2 was effective but often too narrow. (And Goldilocks agrees with me.)

Happily, FamilySearch now makes it is now possible to search a group of databases by location, or what librarian types call a targeted search. FamilySearch targeted Searches often yield better results that are just right (and Goldilocks approves).

Here’s how to do FamilySearch Targeted Searches:


5 Feb 2015

Documenting Death in the Civil War

Documenting Death in the Civil War” is the title of a one-hour presentation by National Archives staff genealogist John Deeben. Available for free at the National Archives’s YouTube channel, this excellent presentation explores in depth records created by the War Department. These resources document the personal circumstances of soldiers’ deaths on the battlefield, in military hospitals, and in prisons.

Documenting Death in the Civil War” is just one of the links in the February issue of First Friday Genealogy with Sassy Jane, available by email subscription. My free monthly newsletter contains research ideas, search strategies, and information on resources to help your family history research.

The February issue is about Civil War resources, some essential and some lesser known. The issue coming out tomorrow also marks the first anniversary of First Friday Genealogy with Sassy Jane. Thanks to all my readers and commenters for the enjoyable mutual journey we’ve taken in the past […]

1 Feb 2015

Illinois Online Historic Newspapers

Illinois Online Historic Newspapers

Today’s post features links for Illinois Online Historic Newspapers to help your genealogy research. I’ve included both free and pay resources. Non-English and minority-focussed papers (like the Chicago Defender) are included. If you have additions to this list, please let me know here. And use the comments to let me know what state you’d like me to feature next.

27 Jan 2015

List of Facebook Genealogy Resources

Have you heard about the list of Facebook Genealogy Resources?

Download the 120-page PDF of 4,130+ links to genealogy resources on Facebook (updated 18 Oct 2014) here: Genealogy on Facebook List.

This list is compiled and updated at regular intervals by genealogist Katherine R. Willson of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Inspired by her success using Facebook to break down some of her brick walls, Katherine’s List of Facebook Genealogy Resources is a gold mine of information. Gail Dever has created a Canadian list that includes French-speaking groups & pages, available at this link:  Facebook for Canadian Genealogy.

Willson’s list is arranged by location or subject. Location links on Facebook include virtually every country from Australia to Zimbabwe; U.S. locations are broken out by state. Subject links run the gamut from adoption to surnames. The links include both subject groups that are only on Facebook, […]