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26 Sep 2014

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4 Feb 2014

Bills of Mortality – Tuesday’s Tip

Bills of Mortality records are the topic of Tuesday’s Tip and a new-to-me record group.

Containing the weekly mortality statistics for London, Bills of Mortality were compiled by parish clerks. Before the nineteenth century, Bills of Mortality were the main source of death statistics. The earliest known bill dates from November 1532, but the records mostly date to the period when they were used to track deaths from the epidemics, particularly The Great Plague of London. In 1570, baptisms were added and 1629 the cause of death was added. They were published through 1836, when civil registration supplanted these records.

Infant and child mortality rates were so numerous, according to historian Lynda Payne at Children and Youth in History, that they were listed according to age bracket, rather than disease. “Chrisomes” were infants younger than a month old; “teeth” were babies not yet through with teething.

The Bills of Mortality are listed by parish and by cause of death (“griping in the guts” was one picturesque, if vague, category) and do not include names. But if you have death dates and locations that match these records, they can lend some important context to your family research.

London’s Wellcome Library, of the world’s great collections for the study of medical history, just made 100,000 high-resolution images available for download from their archives. The new digital collection includes advertisements, paintings by artists both renowned and obscure, and early photographs.

Also included in the Wellcome Library’s digital collections are Bills of Mortality during the Great Plague in London from 1664-1665. Search “bills of mortality” at Wellcome’s Images page.


11 Jun 2013

Anna Koenig Linde of Freienwalde, Pomerania

Here’s the promised updated translation of the German parish record for the death of Anna Koenig Linde of Freienwalde, Pomerania:




Den Drei und zwanzigste Dezember Morgens um ¼ auf 9 Uhr, starb an Geschwulst Anna Regina König verwitwete Linde, des verstorbene Tuchmachermeister Johann Gottlieb Linde hinterlassene Ehefrau 65 Jahr 6 Mon und 17 Tage alt und würde den auf die Sechs und zwanzigsten ejusd. begraben. Sie hinterlas 2 Söhne und 1 Tochter.

Death No. 48/23 Female

The twenty-third December ¼ of 9 o’clock in the morning, died of a tumor Anna Regina Koenig widow Linde, the deceased master clothmaker Johann Gottlieb Linde surviving wife 65 years 6 months and 17 days old and to be on the twenty-sixth of the same month buried. Her survivors 2 sons and 1 daughter.


13 Apr 2013 – Free Searches of UK and Republic of Ireland Burial Records

deceasedonlineI had a great time today at the San Diego Genealogical Society’s monthly meeting, seeing old friends and making new ones.

Just a quick note about the new (to me) database I mentioned this morning. It’s – Free Searches of UK and Republic of Ireland Burial Records (, a centralized database for burials and cremations in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Similar to ScotlandsPeople, you can search for free, but downloading actual records costs a certain number of credits. Available records include:

  • Digital scans of cremation and burial registers
  • Digital scans of books of remembrance
  • Photographs of graves and memorials
  • Cemetery maps showing grave locations
  • Other occupants in the same grave

My Scots line in Aberdeenshire is well represented in this database, so I have a lot of great new information for deaths and burials. Old Parish Registers in Scotland are very spotty for death […]