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15 Jul 2014

Google Maps Offline – Tuesday’s Tip

Are you interested in using Google Maps offline?

There are two big advantages to using Google Maps this way:

  1. Save money by going easy on your data plan
  2. Avoid that dreaded “No Service” message

Using Google Maps online (i.e., with 3G or 4G connections instead of wireless) can chew through a lot of data quickly. Or have you ever been closing in a cemetery hunt or the location of a library when Google Maps can’t connect?

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android cell phone, you can take advantage of the ability to use Google Maps offline.

CNET, one of my favorite websites full of digital wizardry, shows in two steps how to save maps for offline access in their article, “How to Use Google Maps Offline Mode on iOS, Android.”

“With this feature, you can store large map areas for guidance, even when you’re stuck without reception,” […]

14 Jul 2014

Free E-book on Ancestry Search Tips

Family Tree University is offering a free e-book on Ancestry Search Tips, available for download here.

Titled 48 Ancestry Search Tips, this e-book contains “tricks, hints and hacks to unlock new family tree discoveries [and] helpful guides to using the genealogy website, including an exclusive excerpt from the Unofficial Guide to by Nancy Hendrickson.” likely holds answers to at least some of your family tree questions. The key to finding those answers is learning how to sift through the massive amount of ancestor data on the subscription genealogy website. Whether you want to use your paid subscription more effectively, make the most of a free trial subscription or eke out whatever information you can for free, the pointers in our free e-book 48 Ancestry Search Tips will help you.”

11 Mar 2014

Google Search Similar Websites – Tuesday’s Tip

Google Search for Similar Websites sassy jane genealogy google search trickThis Tuesday’s Tip is about how to Google search similar websites, continuing my series on Google Search Tricks.

Google is great – we all know that, and so successful that it’s now not just a brand name, but also a verb and a genericized trademark for searching, like Kleenex for facial tissues.

Just a few tricks turns Google into an even more powerful genealogy research ally. This week:

 Trick 3: Google Search Similar Websites

Interested in finding other content similar to that of your favorite genealogy websites? Use the related: operator in Google. Type related: followed by the website address in the URL field.

For example, you might want to find sites similar to So the search term would be:

There are 52 results for sites similar to

Google Search [...]</p>
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25 Feb 2014

Genealogy on Facebook List – Tuesday’s Tip

genealogy on facebook list sassy jane genealogyThis Tuesday’s Tip is a new (to me) resource called the Genealogy on Facebook list.

Genealogist Katherine R. Willson of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has compiled a list of 3,000+ Facebook genealogy links and updates the list monthly. Inspired by her success using Facebook to break down some of her brick walls, Katherine’s Genealogy on Facebook list is a gold mine of resources.

The list is arranged either by location or subject. Links for locations on Facebook include virtually every country from Australia to Zimbabwe; U.S. locations are broken out by state. Subject links run the gamut from adoption to surnames. The links include subject groups that collaborate only on Facebook, and links for existing organizations, libraries, archives, and surname societies.

The German Genealogy research group has been instrumental in advancing my continuing Prussian […]