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Posts about marriage records research, including primary source marriage records, certificates, announcements, and banns for genealogy research.

19 Oct 2015

FamilySearch German Databases Updated

By |19 Oct 2015|Databases, Death Records, Digital Collections, Genealogy, German Genealogy, Marriage Records, Prussian Genealogy|3 Comments

An astute friend told me that the FamilySearch German Databases updated on 18 September 2015. Great news! If you haven't searched the three main German databases available at FamilySearch in a while, it's worth taking a look again. And if you're new to research in Germany (and Prussia), these database [...]

14 Aug 2014

Finding Missing Marriage Records

By |14 Aug 2014|Genealogy, Marriage Records, Search Strategies|4 Comments

Finding missing marriage records is today’s topic. If you are searching for an elusive marriage record, it may be useful to consider where the local Greta Green was located for your ancestral couple. My post a few days ago covered the concept of “Gretna Green,” shorthand for any place where eloping couples [...]

12 Aug 2014

Gretna Green and Marriage Records

By |12 Aug 2014|Marriage Records, Search Strategies|2 Comments

Today's post is about Gretna Green and marriage records. Stay tuned for a new post Thursday about finding elusive marriage records by locating the Gretna Green your ancestors may have used in the United States. Gretna Green is used today as shorthand for any place where eloping couples could be swiftly [...]

30 Aug 2011

Google Maps and Uncommunicative Records

By |30 Aug 2011|Chicago Genealogy, Maps, Marriage Records|3 Comments

Today's post is about Google Maps and Uncommunicative Records – I only wish I'd thought of this work-around sooner. I've had a love-hate relationship with turn-of-the-(20th)-century Cook County marriage licenses for years now. To put it as elegantly as possible, they bite. In general, the information is limited to: •   [...]

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