Need archival supplies for genealogy original records and photos? Want to shop where professional archivists get their supplies? And how about a 15 percent discount at the same time? Then head to Hollinger Metal Edge to stock up and/or keep an eye out for their quarterly sales.
archival supplies for genealogy

Archival supplies for genealogy records and photos from Hollinger Metal Edge.

To be completely honest, I am dismayed when genealogists tell me they buy acid-free supplies for their priceless family papers at discount stores, home parties, big-box office supply stores, or library vendors like Gaylord. None of these companies are in the preservation business, no matter how many times they use the words “archival” and “acid-free.”  That isn’t where archival professionals shop, and neither should you.

Archival Supplies for Genealogy Vintage Records

Archivists swear by Hollinger, the leader in this field since 1945. If they say it’s acid-free, you can count on it.

Products I really like include:

If you’ve heard my presentation or read my ebook on organization, you know that this is where you should be spending your storage dollar, rather than on elaborate binders, color-coded systems, and sheet protectors from discounters and office supply stores.

Storage for Secondary Source Materials

Archival housing is not cheap. So feel free to keep your research notes, photocopies, articles, genealogy magazines, printouts, and other newer documents in regular office supplies. And budget if you need to and wait for sales to house the priceless orignials.

In every case, store those original and vintage materials appropriately in trusted archival supplies like the ones from Hollinger. (And these are not affiliate links; I have no financial arrangement with Hollinger.)