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30 Dec 2016

Shortening Ancestry Links

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Today's post is about shortening Ancestry links. Lately I've been getting lots of very long URLs for links to specific Ancestry records and my clients are wondering about citing these resources permanently. Here's an example of a long URL for a record for my husband's great-great-great grandfather Steven Kinsley [...]

25 Oct 2013

ISGS 2013 Fall Conference Presentations

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Sassy Jane's ISGS 2013 Fall Conference presentations in Sandwich, Illinois, on Saturday: 1. Managing Your Digital Environment This session presents simple strategies for 1. organizing digital files on your computer, and 2. using Internet tools to manage your online life. Topics include Using Consistent Data Entry and File Naming; Creating the Six-Folder Digital Filing System; [...]

26 Jun 2013

Users Don’t Know What Libraries Are Talking About, Studies Find

By |26 Jun 2013|Sassy Jane Genealogy Guides, Sources and Citations|1 Comment

Users Don’t Know What Libraries Are Talking About, Studies Find is an article published last year in Library Journal reports that the average library user success rate for finding journal articles or article databases is only 52 percent. Commonly misunderstood terms include acronyms and brand names, subject categories, and the words [...]

26 Apr 2011

Citing Electronic Articles in Genealogy Research

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This Tuesday's Tip is on citing electronic articles in genealogy research. Different academic disciplines have different standards. Here are examples of citations from two leading scholarly groups used by historians: ✍ Chicago Manual of Style Citation: Mark Howells, “A Cite For Sore Eyes: Quality Citations for Electronic Genealogy Sources.” [...]