8 Nov 2014

Arkivdigital Swedish Records Free This Weekend

Arkivdigital Swedish Records Free This Weekend – apologies for the short notice, but those of us researching in Sweden should take advantage of this offer.
ArkivDigital features online archives containing church books (parish records) from the 1600s to 1894 for all of Sweden (household examinations, moving in and out records, birth, marriage and death records). Also available are many of the modern church books (1895-1942), including congregation books,moving in and out records, birth, marriage and death records that are available within Swedish record privacy constraints.

This weekend access is free to all available records.

Check to see what church books are available for a parish by going to www.arkivdigital.net and click on the section image database. (Swedish law limits access to records from 1929 to 1950 because it falls within the current restrictions on information from the last 70 years.)

ArkivDigital improves on the records available from LDS microfilm (about 100 million pages from the Swedish archives) and the records available from […]

10 Sep 2013

Berggren Brothers of Ishpeming, Michigan, for Tombstone Tuesday

The Berggren brothers of Sweden were killed “in the usual way” mining iron ore in Ishepeming, Michigan, in 1889. Today’s Tombstone Tuesday is about Lars Erick and Per August and the grief their friends and family felt decades later. When I went to the Upper Peninsula, I was determined to find out what had happened to them, for the family stories were garbled. At the local historical society, I found the news article about the mine accident.

Erick and August emigrated from Sweden to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with their widowed mother, Lovisa Berggren. Erick married Mathilda Lind, the daughter of his landlord, in July of 1885, in Ishpeming. August was unmarried. They worked alongside my great-great uncle in the Cleveland Mine, until the day a charge failed to explode…and they went together to  investigate.


13 Mar 2012

The Luck of the Draw


This has never, ever happened to me before. I found my Swedish great-great-grandparents at the top of the first page of the first parish book I looked at this morning!

I was searching Swedish parish records this morning (btw, thanks for buying Genline and saving me some money, Ancestry!). My search for a particular parish revealed 72 hits and there they were right at the top of the first book. I may have to lie down in a darkened room to recover!

20 Oct 2011

Anna Larsdotter Hann’s Swedish Portrait

Anna Larsdotter Hann’s Swedish Portrait is today’s Treasure Chest Thursday post. This carte-de-viste photograph of my great-grandmother is one of my prized possessions.

Thanks to the photographer’s imprint on the mount, I know she had it taken in the town of Kopparberg (Copper Mountain) in Örebro Län, Sweden, probably just before she left for America on 18 Oct 1888 via Göteborg for Ishpeming, Michigan. It’s about 35 kilometers between Kopparberg and Anna’s hometown of Lindesberg. I wonder how long it took her to get to the photographer?

I’ve talked before about Anna and how much I admire her for raising my grandmother, and another daughter and son alone after she was widowed at the age of 33. I don’t have many photographs of her, but this is by far my favorite. How brave she was!