How many family tree Valentines do you have?

No, I’m not talking about paper valentines, like the punny Cold War one above, so popular during my grade school years. (But, if you have too many of those 19th-century ones, I’ll take some off of your hands.)

Instead, I’m talking about ancestors with a fore- or middle name Valentine/Valentina.

Valentines in Various Countries

family tree valentines valentino

I’m with Vilma Banky. Valentino can carry me off to his tent anytime.

Do not sadly conclude that you are Valentine-less (just like those hideous middle school moments). Instead, let’s visit Here are variants of the name Valentine in various countries:

My Family Tree Valentines

Family Tree Valentines mineAt present, there are 12 family tree Valentines (male and female) I’ve discovered. My less-than-scientific analysis notes that Valentines seem to be limited to time and place. My Valentines are in German-speaking immigrant families from Weisbaden and Elsaß-Lothringen. All of the Valentines ended up in the midwestern U.S.

Do you have family tree Valentines? I’d like to test my German-speaking family theory, so please let me know!