The members of the Kellytown Junior Genealogy Club are 8-12 years old.
They meet every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with their leader, Karen, who wrote to me about the club.

Becoming History Detectives

In addition to learning how to research their family trees, Karen writes that

…they want to learn how to use their research skills to become history detectives. :) We asked some of the older children to help us put together some resources to get a better understanding of the basics. Your genealogy page has been a huge help ( ) so we wanted to reach out as a group and let you know how much we appreciate it.

As a thank you, one of the kids helping me compile resources, Becca, suggested that I pass an article called “The History of Ellis Island” your way. She thought it could be a helpful addition to the other genealogy resources on your page. It talks about Ellis Island’s significance, how to find and read passenger records, and why it’s a helpful place to look for those studying ancestry and genealogy. Becca actually found it herself and thought it’d be nice to send to you as a way of saying thank you for all your help.

Thanks again from all of here at the The Kellytown Junior Genealogy Club!

To Becca and the Kellytown Junior Genealogy Club

kellytown genealogy clubI am happy to hear that there are young genealogists/history detectives working on their family trees! And I’m also glad to know that Sassy Jane has been helpful.

And I want to thank Becca especially for the info about Ellis Island. Thank you, Becca!

Are you going to visit a library? I found the photo at the top of this blog post at the Greensboro, North Carolina, Public Library and I thought the club might like it. Have fun with your research and learn a lot.

Sassy Jane reader-genealogists, do you have advice for the Kellytown Junior Genealogy Club about starting family history research? Please respond in the comments section.