Free e-Book on Ancestry Search Tips

Courtesy Family Tree University

Family Tree University is offering a free e-book on Ancestry search tips.

Click on the title to download 48 Search Tips.

Titled 48 Ancestry Search Tips, this e-book contains “tricks, hints and hacks to unlock new family tree discoveries [and] helpful guides to using the genealogy website, including an exclusive excerpts from the Unofficial Guide to by Nancy Hendrickson.

“ likely holds answers to at least some of your family tree questions. The key to finding those answers is learning how to sift through the massive amount of ancestor data on the subscription genealogy website. Whether you want to use your paid subscription more effectively, make the most of a free trial subscription or eke out whatever information you can for free, the pointers in our free e-book 48 Ancestry Search Tips will help you.”

One of many helpful sections in the free e-book on Ancestry search tips deals with Ancestry’s Card Catalog. Global searches of Ancestry’s entire set of resources often yields disappointing results. The e-book explains how to narrow searches using the Card Catalog feature. My own tip is to use the keyword field for your searches, rather than the title field, for better results.