This Tuesday’s Tip is about how to Google search similar websites, continuing my series on Google Search Tricks.

Google is great – we all know that, and so successful that it’s now not just a brand name, but also a verb and a genericized trademark for searching, like Kleenex for facial tissues.

Just a few tricks turns Google into an even more powerful genealogy research ally.

This week’s search trick is finding similar websites to ones you enjoy already with a simple search limiter.

In the URL window, simply enter related: and the name of a site you enjoy.

There lots of other related searches you can perform to find new potential genealogy research resources. Add this to your search strategies and see what turns up.

So that’s Trick 3: Google Search Similar Websites. Don’t forget Trick 2: Google Search By File Type and Trick 1: Google Search A Single Site. And stay tuned for other Google Search Tricks on future Tuesdays.