Today’s post is about Intermediate Emerging Technology for Genealogy. Last Friday I mentioned a great new blog featuring 23 hyperlinks to all kinds of emerging technology called The blog is designed to orient archivists to new media and technologies and what’s good for archivists is good for genealogists.

Now there’s an intermediate section with an additional 23 Things that will help you learn more about Web 2.0 and other cool technologies that can help your family research.

The bloggers write:

Following are 23 more “Things” for you to explore, experiment with, and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are changing how information is used and created on the Internet today. Some of the “Things” might be useful in your work, some for sharing work (perhaps you serve on a committee), or for promoting your archives.

This is a self-discovery program that allows participants to take control of their own learning. You can work at home or at work, alone or in a group, at your own pace as you have time. You are encouraged to share your discoveries and insights with others through your blog postings.

Read each Thing in its entirety so you understand the activities. Feel free to skip a Thing if you are already familiar with it (but maybe blog about your experiences anyway).

If you did not do the first 23 Things, feel free to please go back to the first section and do Things 1 and 23.

Thing 24: More Blogging (Tumblr)

Thing 25: Cloud Computing

Thing 26: Tagging/Folksonomies

Thing 27: Tag Clouds and Word Clouds (Wordle and TagCrowd)

Thing 28: E-newsletters

Thing 29: More Social Networking (RockMelt)

Thing 30: Customized Home Pages

Thing 31: Screencasting

Thing 32: LibraryThing

Thing 33: More Photo Sharing

Thing 34: Google Maps and Mashups

Thing 35: Online Media Editing

Thing 36: Directory 2.0

Thing 37: Web Analytics (SiteMeter and Google Analytics)

Thing 38: Organize Your Research Online (Zotero)

Thing 39: Print On Demand (Lulu, CafePress, etc.)

Thing 40: Using Blogging Software for Website Development

Thing 41: Online Meeting Schedulers (Doodle)

Thing 42: Foursquare

Thing 43: More Social Bookmarking (Clipmarks)

Thing 44: QR Codes

Thing 45: Pinterest

Thing 46: HistoryPin

They’re working on the Advanced 23 “Things” section right now, so contact them here to submit your ideas. How many of the next 23 Things in Intermediate Emerging Technology for Genealogy have you adopted?